PCC Committees and Their Purposes
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Standing Committee

To transact the business of the PCC between its meetings, subject to any direction given by the PCC.

Worship Committee

To devise, develop and deliver forms of worship to support the mission of our Church in the Parish.

Mission And Outreach Committee

To develop and deliver the most effective means to further the mission of our Church in the Parish.

Fabric Committee

To ensure the maintenance, repair, safety and enhancement of the Church building, The Stables, the churchyard and its monuments with authority to spend up to £1000 without reference back to PCC.

Finance Committee

To oversee and administer the finances of the Church; to prepare - and propose to the PCC - an annual budget for the Church.

Social Committee

To organise, prepare and deliver suitable cultural and social events, meals and refreshments to support the worship and outreach of our Church.

Health And Saftey Committee

To assure the safe environment of the Church, its properties and its land for all users.

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