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In baptism we welcome children and adults into the family of God’s church; both the worldwide family of Christians, and the local church family.

The Church of England’s ministry is rooted in the local communities (parishes) that each Church serves. We welcome anyone living in Adel parish, or worshipping regularly in our church for baptism.
Baptism is not an isolated event, but part of a journey of faith in which worshipping with a church community is an important ingredient. This means it is good to have a connection to a church community where faith can be nurtured. Those outside the parish and without a direct current link with the Church should approach their local Church to enquire about baptism there.
If you would like your child to be baptised then come along to a Sunday service and speak to the Rector, Alison afterwards. Children of all ages are very welcome at all of our services. Baptisms usually take place at noon on Sundays and we have a baptism group who will help welcome you and your family.
If you are an adult and would like to know more about the Christian Faith with a view to being Baptised then do speak to the Rector Alison after one of our services.


A Quote From The Bible

Jesus said to them, "Come and see." John 1.39a